Protecting what we have so future generations can enjoy the unspoiled land, and the clean air and water that we enjoy.

Metroparks actively works to preserve the best examples of Northwest Ohio’s natural areas for public enjoyment. Protecting forests, grasslands, rivers, and wetlands, promoting sustainable use, is the most important work that we do.

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A Marsh & More: New Park Advances Many Goals

Howard Marsh will benefit Lake Area, provide additional recreation opportunities and put Metroparks Toledo a step closer to fulfilling its promise of a park within five miles of every home in the county.

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Howard Marsh Contract Awarded

The Board of Park Commissioners has approved a contract with Mark Haynes Construction of Norwalk for the construction of Howard Marsh Metropark near the Lake Erie shore in Jerusalem Township.

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2016 Winter Deer Cull Concludes

More than 6,000 lbs of ground venison was donated to local food charities following a winter culling operation at Oak Openings Preserve and Wildwood Preserve.

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Volunteers Survey Vernal Pools

The Metroparks Vernal Pool Monitoring Program raises public awareness about the existence of these habitats while allowing people to participate in interesting and important field-research.

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Long-term Butterfly Monitoring

There are five butterfly transects monitored in the Metroparks, currently: three occur in Oak Openings Preserve, one at Wildwood Preserve and one at Swan Creek Preserve.

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'Condo' Shelters Bats At Oak Openings

It is important to conserve our bat species, as they play a very important ecological role as major predators of night flying insects, like mosquitoes and agricultural pests

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