COVID-19 Updates

We’re In This Together.

Metroparks will continue to provide places for respite and exercise during the ongoing health crisis, but visitors must observe the state mandate for Social Distancing. Only visit parks for short periods, alone or with members of your household, and give others 6-10 feet distance. Stay home if you are sick.

We hope that you and your family are staying safe. It is in challenging times like these that we remember and appreciate our Metroparks community. As our nation responds to this unprecedented situation, your Metroparks are essential places where our community can escape and relax in nature. Parks are more important now than ever.

— Dave Zenk, Executive Director of Metroparks Toledo


Latest Updates—March 25

Metroparks Open; Restrooms and Playgrounds Closed

It’s going to be a nice day to Get Outside BY YOURSELF, and the Metroparks are still here for you. Parks are appropriate places to go during the Stay at Home Order, but only if we keep a safe distance from one another.

  • Metroparks remain open 7 a.m. to dark
  • Westwinds is not yet open for the season


Three national parks, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area here in Ohio and local parks in other states had to close because of concern for public health. Metroparks are exempt under the Ohio order, but the decision to stay open is up to us. Park Rangers may restrict access when necessary for public safety.

Expect heavy-use parks such as Wildwood, and activities such as walleye fishing at Side Cut, to be busy. Consider going to other parks.

Come alone or with members of your household.

Give others space—6–10 feet.

Walk single file on trails to give others room, and give warning when passing.

Please be kind to everyone, and give our Rangers a friendly wave. The parks are open to relieve stress and give us all safe space.

Closures and Cancellations

In consultation with public health officials, Metroparks is taking the following additional steps to protect the health of park visitors and employees.

  • Playgrounds are closed statewide
  • The Elmer Drive entrance to Toledo Botanical Garden is open, but the Bancroft entrance is closed
  • Restrooms are closed for your health and the health of our staff. Portable restrooms, cleaned twice a day, are for “emergency” use only
  • Some park areas may be closed for a variety of reasons. Soap and water hand-washing stations have been placed at trailheads
  • Under the Stay at Home order, Park Rangers, as law enforcement officers, have authority to enforce the Social Distancing rule. Maintaining a safe distance from others is vital to the health of the community.

Policy and Public Safety

The Ohio Department of Health has a coronavirus website where you can find the latest information about the state’s response to the ongoing health crisis. For Metroparks business, call 419-407-9700.

Soap and water hand-washing stations have been placed at trailheads.

Under the Stay at Home order, Park Rangers, as law enforcement officers, have authority to enforce the Social Distancing rule. Maintaining a safe distance from others is vital to the health of the community.

If we all do our part, we can help slow the spread of the COVID-19 disease.


Timeline of Announcements

March 25—Because of forecast warmer weather and anticipated heavy use, additional advisories issued regarding Social Distancing.

March 24—Parks remain open, restrooms are closed. Portable restrooms cleaned twice daily are available for "emergency" use. (Note that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has closed Magee Marsh, as well as all State Park Campgrounds, restrooms, boat launches and other facilities.

March 23—Effective Tuesday, March 24, park restrooms will be closed. Parks remain open

March 22—Ohio Department of Health issues Stay at Home order; mandates publicly accessible playgrounds be closed. Gov. Mike DeWine specifically calls out State Parks and Metroparks as appropriate exceptions to the order, but stresses the importance of practicing Social Distancing.

March 19—Effective this date, all playgrounds in the Metroparks are closed until further notice. The off-leash dog area at Middlegrounds is also closed. Parks remain open. Hand washing stations are being placed at trailheads.

March 18—The Board of Park Commissioners meeting scheduled for today was canceled. At the close of business today, the administrative offices will be closed until further notice. Administrative staff will work from their homes.

March 17—Drive-thru testing by local health officials begins at Toledo Botanical Garden. The Garden is open to the public except that area of the Bancroft Parking Lot where testing is taking place.

March 16—The period of program cancellations and facility closures is extended at least through April. Administrative offices are closed to the public. Hand-washing stations have been placed at playgrounds. Toledo Botanical Garden, Bancroft entrance, will a coronavirus testing location for patients referred by their doctor. Staff are advised to cancel all non-essential in-person meetings and to work from home if they can.

March 13—All Metroparks remain open regular hours. All programs are cancelled and all indoor facilities are closed at least through the end of March. Restrooms will remain open.

March 12—All facilities with a capacity of 100 or more people are closed effective immediately.